We are Dr. Cubes

We are much more than just an ice producing company. We are Icetastic!

About Dr. Cubes

At Dr. Cubes, we are driven by the core values of our brand which are hard work and passion. Our ambition is to be a brand that provides flawless customer service and satisfaction through timely deliveries and quality products. Our growth over the last couple of years stands witness to our commitment towards exceptional service.  

Dr. Cubes caters to the requirement of ice cubes, dry ice and ice blocks in different industries and brands ranging from hotels, restaurants, house parties to large scale retail brands and corporate events. The name Dr. Cubes represents the core values of the brand which is hygiene, cleanliness and purity. Our three-stage filtration process ensures that our ice cubes are the best for consumption with drinks. The quarterly water testing reports provided to clients certify the quality and hygiene of our ice cubes. 

Our team believes in the power of fresh ideas and innovative techniques to attain a level of superior products that distinguishes us from our competition in market.

We are Dr. Cubes
We are Dr. Cubes

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ice cubes, ice blocks and dry ice in India through an ethical and progressive business model. We aim to become a brand that is exclusive yet approachable to all small- and large-scale industries. Dr. Cubes also plans to launch the concept of ice therapy in fitness centres and gyms across India in order to heal spasms and injuries caused by sports and intense work out sessions.

Delivery Crew

We operate with trained team members who understand the expectations of our customers and ensure that we always strive to deliver beyond expectations. Our team is running all the time on the ground and is supported by a back end team to guide them continously to ensure that the ice is delivered on time and our customers do not face the hassle of any miscommunication.

Covid Ready

Ice is food and we understand that. During these challenging times, we have tepped up to ensure we are ready to match the new normal in the industry. Our team members are continously monitored to any health issues and we are all equipped with complete hygiene parameters such as masks and gloves to ensure that our customers feel safe and confident while choosing Dr. Cubes.



Homemade ice is generally made from tap water or basic filtration process and contains water impurities and can even absorb odours from foods stored in the freezer. That is why homemade ice is cloudy and sometimes has an “off” smell or taste. Dr Cubes ensures that our ice is manufactured through a robust filtration process and meets the standards of hygiene and over 60 parameters defined in the TUV lab report. Please check our latest lab report on our website.


Dr. Cubes provides a wide array of products like Ice Cubes, Ice Blocks, Dry Ice and Crushed Ice.

Ice Cubes are majorly used by hospitality industry and clients for parties and personal needs.

Ice Blocks are used for chilling purpose and has a wide usage ranging from fish and meat industry to chemical and construction companies.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It will keep perishable foods colder and longer than traditional ice. It is an excellent refrigerant for shipping, camping and bulk use. Unlike traditional ice that melts into water, dry ice turns into a gas appearing like fog or steam. As a result, dry ice is used for special effects in movies, television, concerts and other special events.

Crushed Ice is majorly used by super markets and big chains of meat and fish industry.


Dr. Cubes caters to hospitality industry, hyper markets, chain of juice brands and fish and meat industry. If you are looking for services of Dr Cubes, for your business entity, you can write us at contact@drcubes.in or reach us directly on +91 9742020301 / +91 7006344673.

Dr Cubes also has tie up with retail stores to cater to the need to customers. Please search of the closest retail outlet in the “Find a location” option on home page.

For big events and parties, you can write us at contact@drcubes.in or speak directly to us on +91 9742020301 / +91 7006344673.


Dr. Cubes is always looking for new retailers to supply our products to satisfied customers. If you’re passionate to join the Dr. Cubes family, contact us on partner@drcubes.in

We will guide you through the complete setup and assist you with the complete onboarding process.


To ensure that our water source meets our quality standards, the water used to make our ice is often filtered for use in the ice-making process. We use low micron filtration, carbon filtration, water softeners, ozone generators and reverse osmosis as needed to achieve the proper water quality required to produce a clear product.