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Ice Cubes

No matter if you are cooling cocktails or preserving perishables, think Dr. Cubes for the right size bag of high-quality ice to suit your specific needs. This crystal-clear ice is perfect for any special occasion or activity. From ice for camping to ice for parties, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to ice for food and drinks or cocktails and more, Dr. Cubes pure, long lasting, tasteless, odourless cubes will take care of your every need!

Ice Cubes are available in 10 kg bag to 20 kg bag for business entities. For retail, ice cubes are available from 500gms to 2kg packets at our retail partners.
Not sure how much you need? Check out our Ice Calculator to help you find out exactly how many bags you need to keep your event cool. Just looking to pick a few bags up for around the house? We’ve got you covered, to find out where to buy bagged ice, reach out to our Customer Care team at +91 9742020301 / +91 7006344673

Our Products
Our Products

Block Ice

These are slabs of ice that are used widely for cooling and chilling purpose in the fish and meat industry, catering industry, chemical industry, sports industry and construction industry.

Ice Blocks are non-edible and should not be used for consumption purpose as it is produced with normal water. Ice Blocks are available in two sizes, 25kgs and 50 kgs.

Reach out to our sales team at +91 9742020301 for placing your order today.

Dry Ice

If your cooling needs surpass those of both cubed ice and block ice? We’ve still got you covered! When you require a cooling medium that can go the distance, dry ice is the answer. Dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide at a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it the power to keep material colder and longer than block ice or cubes, with twice the cooling capacity per pound and three times the cooling capacity per volume. Melted dry ice evaporates into a gas, which makes for no mess and no clean up. This distinctive melting process also produces a unique fog, which has long made dry ice a favourite for producing special effects for movies, the stage, and all manner of theatrical and special productions. Great for shipping, cooling, fun activities and more, when you have special cooling needs dry ice has the answer. Get more information on where you can buy dry ice by contacting our Customer Care team at +91 9742020301.

Our Products
Our Products

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is the crushed or powdered form of ice. Dr. Cubes uses RO water ice cubes to crush them and turn them into crushed ice for our clients. This ensures that the ice is edible and be used for food and drinks purpose as well.

Crushed ice is widely used for fish and meat industry and in hyper markets to preserve their items over a bed of crushed ice. We ensure that our crushed ice is odourless and meets all the standards of the industry so that our clients can be worry free.

Dr. Cubes has the required logistics and network across Bangalore to cater to locations across the city. Crushed Ice is available in 20 kg bags.

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